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8th Grade "Urban Plunge" Visits the Barn

We were so excited to play host to 16 eighth graders from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque school and parish as they prepared for their Confirmation, one of the seven holy sacraments of the Catholic Church. Their "Urban Plunge" is an immersive faith and service activity offered to help prepare students to live out their lives as the hands, feet, and heart of Jesus. The event gives students an important opportunity to engage in their communities with people and organizations providing good works.

The students visited the Ride On St. Louis horses' temporary accommodations on a beautiful sunny day to learn about the activities and needs of Ride On St. Louis as we work towards securing our forever home, met and heard personal stories from Ride On St. Louis Barn Buddy client Deana, and helped with a few barn chores like stacking hay bales and bedding horse stalls. Students had the opportunity to share about their Confirmation saint, a saint chosen by each student to help strengthen their commitment to God, inspire good works and model their actions after, and say hello to Diego, a member of the equine team at Ride On St. Louis.

"All youth have strengths and can contribute positively. We hope their time at Ride On St. Louis engaged students emotionally, cognitively and physically and inspired them to seek out projects and causes they are passionate about," said Marita Wassman, Director of Ride On St. Louis. Through our participation in the Urban Plunge we hope to contribute to positive youth development to involve young people within their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups, and families in a manner that recognizes, utilizes, and enhances youths’ strengths; and promotes positive outcomes by providing opportunities, fostering positive relationships, and adding to the support needed to build on character and values.

Thank you to the organizers, chaperones and students for sharing your morning with us! Best wishes for your upcoming Confirmation!

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