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Virtual Service

"Social isolation has had the number one negative impact on the lives of people living with disabilities relative to the COVID-19 pandemic.” - Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

Ride On St. Louis is enhancing connectedness for both at-risk people with disabilities and their caregivers. The program is proud to partner with Pony Bird, a 24-hour residential facility for people who are non-ambulatory and have medically complex disabilities. Ride On St. Louis’s virtual program combats the day’s doldrums, chases away adverse health risks associated with loneliness/isolation, and brings back social life by providing opportunity for communication, self-discovery, and revitalization of the mind and body, and improvements in caregiver morale, attitude and connectedness. Ride On St. Louis’s program utilizes live “face-to-face” video that connects Ride On St. Louis staff and horses to residents and caregivers at Pony Bird while keeping all participants safe.

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Lacey Diego Marita
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