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Ride On St. Loui Crusader's Circle

Become a member of the Crusader's Circle with a $20 or more monthly gift. Click the Crusader above or visit our Crusader's Circle for more information on how to make a monthly impact.

Donations and gifts provide us with the resources required to help people improve their lives. We strive to provide a quality program, from our volunteer experience, to the happiness and willingness of our equine partners, to the values shared with our supporters, to the sustaining quality of life improvements our clients achieve. Your gift will make a world of difference for those we serve. And although you may not meet them all, may not know them by name, you can make a lasting impression on their lives and their families’ lives.

​​If your company is eligible, the impact of your gift to Ride On St. Louis may be possibly be doubled. Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Please check with your company today to see if your dollars can be doubled.

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