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Our equine partners are the reason hundreds of people have found happiness, health and healing in life. Without them, our outcomes would not be possible. Always Home is dedicated to the welfare of our retired equine partners. This program provides premier full care retirement for our equines who have ended their career in the field of equine-assisted services.


Retiring horses is much more than turning a horse "out to pasture," especially for the senior horse. As horses age they often develop health issues just as many people do. We understand the special relationship formed with our program horses, and know how difficult it can be to make a transition away in to a new, unfamiliar home.


At Ride On St. Louis we vow that our horses will be loved and cared for beyond their careers. Our combined knowledge and the right balance between natural living conditions and controlled environments provides the highest quality atmosphere for the physical and mental well-being of our retirees as they live out their days, forever at home. Ride On St. Louis supports and protects our equines with a highly informed perspective and a knowledgeable team of experts that always puts the welfare of equines above convenience or commercial interests, while remaining fiscally judicious.

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Ride On St. Louis retiree
Ride On St. Louis retiree
Ride On St. Louis retiree
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