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What makes sense for you and your giving plans? Let's work together to promote health and enrich lives in our community.

Make a Financial Donation

Making a charitable gift to Ride On St. Louis not only supports the program, but may also recognize a loved one through a gift in memory/honor of someone, or directly benefit a participant in need through Ridership financial aid awards. If you're ready to help, head over to our online donation portal.

Want to make a difference each and every month? Become a member of the Crusader's Circle with re-occurring gifts starting at just $20. Ensure that Ride On St. Louis stays a part of your community by creating sustainable resources for our clients and programs. Ready to join the Crusade? Click here for more.

Transfer Stock

For more information and resources to help transfer stock, please contact our office at 636-464-3408 or

Company Matching Gift Programs

If your company is eligible, the impact of your gift to Ride On St. Louis could possibly be doubled. Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Please check with your company today to see if your dollars can be matched.

Host a Fundraiser or Gift Drive


Turn your birthday, anniversary, or cocktail party into a benefit! When you host a party or special event, ask your guests to make a donation to Ride On St. Louis. In addition to being tax deductible, each gift can be recognized and each donor will be thanked.


Some people spend their own time and money to organize a fundraiser to benefit Ride On St. Louis. These fundraisers include everything from lemonade stands, garage sales, bake sales and car washes, to golf tournaments, car shows, carnivals, and more. If you are interested in hosting your own fundraising event we can offer you guidance to help make your event a success.

Please contact the office for approval and use of our name, logo and/or materials for promotions or fundraising.


Attend or Sponsor an Event

Ride On St. Louis hosts and/or benefits from a variety of fantastic events held throughout the year. Gather a group of friends and support our events as guests, donate auction items, volunteer or sponsor the event as an individual or business. Supporting Ride On St. Louis events are a great way to give back, meet new friends, show the community you or your business cares, or kick back and enjoy the atmosphere.

Plan for the Future

Many donors find comfort in planning a gift that offers tax and income benefits now and will help clients at Ride On St. Louis in the future. For information on planned giving, wills, bequests and creating a personal legacy contact our office.


Shop on eBay and earn 1.2% for Ride On St. Louis! Select Ride On St. Louis to “add to my charities.” With Ride On St. Louis as your supported charity you can shop to support or sell your items to support Ride On St. Louis. When shopping, just look for the items with the blue/yellow ribbon!

With each Walter Knoll Florist order, you can make a $2.00 donation. Simply select the “Lend a Hand” pull down menu on the order form and choose Ride On St. Louis.


Share Your Story

We want to hear your Ride On St. Louis story! Each person has a unique and compelling story to tell. Your stories are the most powerful and inspirational tools we have to show others the positive impact that Ride On St. Louis is having on children, adults and veterans throughout the community. Tell us what Ride On St. Louis means to you and how you or your family have been impacted and your story may be featured in one of our publications or on our website. We are very grateful for your participation, but please be aware that we may not be able to use every story we receive.

Share your story with an email to



Volunteers contribute thousands of volunteer hours each year. Businesses, scout troops, youth groups, individuals and others if you have time or talent to share with administrative, program or fundraising needs we'd love to work with you. For more information on volunteering, click here.


Ride On St. Louis is a participating charity through the Missouri State Employee Charitable Campaign, #5030.

Share Your Story
  • Why are you moving?
    Rick and Marita Wassman founded Ride On St. Louis in 1998 in Oakville, Missouri. The center operated at their private home residence on a volunteer basis for four years. From 2002 to 2018 Ride On St. Louis was privileged to call the Anheuser Estate in Kimmswick our home. Past Mayor of Kimmswick Brian Selsor and Dorothy Hatfield (niece of Fred and Mable Ruth Anheuser) invited Ride On St. Louis onto the Anheuser Estate and Park at a philanthropic lease. Throughout the 17 years on the estate grounds, Ride On St. Louis was able to grow and develop in many areas including: herd variety, staffing, volunteer support, client base and program offerings which directly affects corresponding needs with respect to space, safety and further developments. However, the area is prone to frequent flooding, which is disruptive to services and requires expensive ongoing repairs. From 2013 to 2018 the space Ride On St. Louis utilized had been violently flooded on four occasions. Ride On St. Louis is relocating the center to a new site to avoid recurrent, costly damages to the facility, grounds and programs, and ensure continuous, uninterrupted service for those in need. We are thankful to have avoided three floods already.
  • Will I or my loved one still be able to receive services?
    Yes. Although some programs/services may be abbreviated or suspended, we have adapted programming, as well as introduced new programming, to continue providing service during our Forever Home relocation project. Concurrently with renovations and improvements to our Forever Home, Ride On St. Louis's programs continue with community partners and participants at our interim site in Cedar Hill. We look forward to getting back to serving you, your loved ones and the community with fully resumed and expanded programming as soon as possible. We are building our new Forever Home with you in mind and appreciate your support and understanding as we strive to enhance our center and services.
  • Where are you moving?
    Our Forever Home is located at 9000 Grab Lane, Hillsboro, MO. At this time we are unable to accommodate walk-in or drive-by visitors. The property is undergoing active renovation and improvements. Heavy equipment and construction crews may be present throughout 2024. If you are interested in visiting our Forever Home, we are happy to meet you by appointment.
  • What is your project time-line?
    Our Forever Home campaign began formal development in 2021. Property was secured in February 2024. Ribbon-Cutting ceremony was held on March 15, 2024. Immediate renovation and improvement plans are underway, with plans in place for building out a barn, adding nearly 6,000 feet of fencing for turnouts and an arena. These projects, along with the completed purchase of the property, are anticipated to be achieved by the end of 2024. A small structure has been demolished and removed from the property, and the future barn/stable existing structure has been gutted and prepared for utility updates and grading. Upcoming plans also include the demolition of a structure and preparing the base of the barn for building stalls. Additionally, immediate plans in Q1 Q2 include replacing many of the existing wood beams and foundation posts in the barn and prepping and installing utility lines.
  • When can I visit the new Forever Home?
    We are unable to accommodate drive-bys or walk-ins due to on-going renovation and improvements. Visits at this time are by appointment only. We are looking forward to having an open house at each development phase. Please stay tuned through social media for announcements and progress updates!
  • How can I help?
    We’re glad you asked! There are many ways you can be a part of this needed community project. Financial support by ways of major gift donations or planned giving in wills/bequests are meaningful ways to support your legacy, as well as the legacy of Ride On St. Louis. Purchasing materials and items in our soon to debut "Forever Home Gift Shop" will make giving accessible and fun. You will be able to browse our shop wish list and help build a stall, fencing section, therapy component or other essential elements. Donors may be recognized and acknowledged on a donor plaque on display in our new Forever Home. Volunteers fuel our program and play a big role in many project tasks of this move. Check out our volunteer page for more information on upcoming events and needs. Help us enlarge our Crusader Circle. Becoming a part of the Crusader's Circle allows you to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustaining commitment to provide quality of life improvements for those in need. You'll receive updates from the field we don't share with anyone else, as well as surprise gifts, photos & videos of the people and communities you've impacted and more! Spread the word! Share with others this exciting news and invite them to get behind our mission. Through the mercy and goodness of our God, and for His glory, we exist to serve. An abundance of prayer, good vibes and happy thoughts are always appreciated and welcome. For more ways you can get involved check out our Get Involved resource page.
  • What type of gifts or donations can I offer?
    One Time Gifts Gifts of cash usually are given in the form of a personal or business check. Some donors may use credit cards, although Ride On St. Louis does incur 3-4% in fees on every credit transaction. Gifts of appreciated securities (shares of stock, mutual funds or other marketable securities are examples) are another means of making a gift that can be used immediately. Gifts of real and other property are often beneficial, as well. Some property gifts can be used in programs, such as equipment, vehicles, and supplies. Carefully planned real estate gifts can be valuable immediately or in the long term. Pledges Most donors will choose to make gifts over several years. A pledge is a formal declaration of intent to contribute. Some donors fulfill their pledges over a short timeframe. Others make payments over 3-5 years. Appreciated Securities A gift of long-term securities has two major advantages: 1) it provides the donor with an immediate income tax deduction and 2) eliminates capital gains taxes to the extent allowed by law. Closely Held Stock A gift of closely held stock to Ride on St. Louis may result in a current income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock as well as elimination of capital gains taxes on the appreciated value of the stock. Your financial advisors can provide more information. Planned Giving Planned gift arrangements have specific tax advantages and often include lifetime income to the donor and beneficiary(ies) named by the donor. A planned gift maximizes your giving potential and can even allow you to ensure future financial security for yourself and your loved ones. Retirement Accounts Naming Ride On St. Louis as beneficiary of a retirement account is an easy way to make a substantial gift and to eliminate situations in which a distribution results in tax consequences. Real Estate You may give a residence, land, income property or other real estate as an outright gift or with the right to occupy the property for your lifetime. The gift of a remainder interest in a personal residence, farm or other building provides a current income tax deduction for the present value of the remainder interest. It also permits the donor to eliminate capital gains taxes on the appreciation. Tangible Personal Property By giving personal property such as artwork, rare books, or antiques, you may receive desirable tax deductions. The allowable deduction will require a qualified appraisal. Insurance The gift of a life insurance policy to Ride On St. Louis provides you with a charitable contribution of the present cash surrender value. Premiums paid after the transfer are tax-deductible if you wish to maintain the policy value but transfer ownership. Bequests Providing for Ride On St. Louis in your will may enable you to make a substantial contribution without diminishing assets you may need during your lifetime. Bequests are deductible from the value of your estate which may result in a significant tax advantage. Charitable Lead Trust A charitable lead trust is a method of funding a gift over a specific period of years. Income is paid to Ride On St. Louis each year during the life of the lead trust. When the trust terminates, the assets revert to you or to a beneficiary you choose. Charitable Remainder Trust An irrevocable trust may be used to provide annual income to you or a loved one at either a fixed or variable rate. A portion of the trust qualifies for an immediate tax deduction. At death of the last income beneficiary, the assets in the trust are distributed to Ride On St. Louis to be used as the donor has designated. Please consult your tax advisor regarding how this may benefit you. Honoring Important People In Your Life Your gift may be used to honor a family member, friend, colleague, pastor, or other community leader—someone who has made a difference in your life or in the life of our community. Many people make gifts to commemorate a business or special occasion.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can mail us at PO Box 94, Kimmswick, MO 63053; call us at 636-464-3408; or email us at Make sure you are subscirbed to our monthly newsletters and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to recieve all the latest updates, straight from the horse's mouth.
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