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At Ride On St. Louis we will ensure to the best of our ability that your horse will be loved and cared for. Our horses are valued partners in a relationship and their comfort and enjoyment as an equine-assisted services horse is highly important to us.

At Ride On St. Louis your horse will be in integral part in the health and wellness of children and adults with health challenges. Have the comfort of knowing your equine is a valued partner at our center as he finds peace and purpose in a new career.

Horse Enjoys

Consistency of a well-run program that will extend his career, keep him healthy, useful and loved

Healthy interaction with a closed herd of dynamic equines


Affection and positive energy from daily interaction from staff, clients and trained volunteers


Professional management, exercise, training and medical attention

Human Enjoys

Comfort and reassurance knowing where your horse is and who is caring for him


Satisfaction in knowing his purpose and life have been extended to help people with disabilities


Eligibility for a tax credit


In order to participate and work with individuals with special , we are highly selective when accepting horses into our training program. When selecting a horse to participate, we look for a horse or pony that is ideal and suitable for equine-assisted services. The breed of a horse is not a critical consideration. Different breeds offer different builds needed for a wide range of activities including riding, driving, vaulting, unmounted interaction, etc. From Shetland Pony to Shire, there may be a spot for your equine. 

To make sure our horses and humans are safe and happy in their role at Ride On St. Louis, equine candidates go through a strict screening process and evaluation to determine if temperament, size and movement are compatible and desired. We evaluate a prospective horse’s conformation, health, age, gaits, manners of going, posture and movement, attitude, temperament, demeanor, reliability, past training and adaptability. Here is what we look for in an ideal equine-assisted services horse or pony.


Mare or gelding between the ages of 12 and 16

Between 13hh and 16.1hh

Sound at the walk, trot and canter

Curious and even-tempered

Safe for beginner riders


Exceptions are made under certain circumstances, so please do not be discouraged from applying.

NOTE: While minor health issues in an equine may be acceptable, please note that Ride On St. Louis horses must be sound enough to work regularly, comfortably and reliably. We cannot accept horses that have chronic health issues. Horses must have negative Coggins and be up-to-date with the state's required vaccinations.

To make the best use of time for both parties we have put together a list of questions about your horse to help us with the evaluation process. If you are considering donating you horse, please take a few minutes to share some information about you and your horse.

Donate a Horse Application (PDF Download)

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