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Our generous donors help us enrich lives and promote health for kids, veterans and all who need healing.

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100% of your gift supports the mission and programs of Ride On St. Louis. For over a quarter century, your contributions have helped people of all ages at our center take first steps, speak first words, discover happiness, inclusion, and independence.

  • Why are you moving?
    Rick and Marita Wassman founded Ride On St. Louis in 1998 in Oakville, Missouri. The center operated at their private home residence on a volunteer basis for four years. From 2002 to 2018 Ride On St. Louis was privileged to call the Anheuser Estate in Kimmswick our home. Past Mayor of Kimmswick Brian Selsor and Dorothy Hatfield (niece of Fred and Mable Ruth Anheuser) invited Ride On St. Louis onto the Anheuser Estate and Park at a philanthropic lease. Over those 16 years on the estate grounds, Ride On St. Louis was able to grow and develop in many areas including: herd variety, staffing, volunteer support, client base and program offerings which directly affects corresponding needs with respect to space, safety and further developments. However, the area is prone to frequent flooding, which is disruptive to services and requires expensive ongoing repairs. From 2013 to 2018 the space Ride On St. Louis utilized had been violently flooded on four occasions. Ride On St. Louis is relocating the center to a new site to avoid recurrent, costly damages to the facility, grounds and programs, and ensure continuous, uninterrupted service for those in need. We are thankful to have avoided three floods already.
  • Where are you moving?
    Location is based on feedback from client/volunteer surveys, geographical coding and feasibility studies that identified the 255/55 corridor as central to our core beneficiaries. Several potential 30+ acre sites are being evaluated.
  • Will I or my loved one still be able to receive services?
    Yes. Although some programs/services may be abbreviated or suspended, we have adapted programming, as well as introduced new programming, to continue prodiving service. We look forward to getting back to serving you, your loved ones and the community with fully resumed and expanded programming as soon as possible. We are building our new Forever Home with you in mind and appreciate your support and understanding as we strive to enhance our center and services.
  • When can I visit the new Forever Home?
    We are looking forward to having an open house at each development phase. Please stay tuned through social media for announcements and progress updates!
  • How will you afford this? Will it affect your service fees?
    We envision a center that is both state-of-the-art and cost-effective. Ride On St. Louis relies on private donations, fundraising, volunteer efforts, in-kind gifts and grant writing in order to bring our services and Forever Home to the community. Relocation and construction expense will not increase service fees. Our Forever Home may even help to lower services fees by providing increased opportunities for program underwriting and additional supports.
  • Will you still have your fundraising events?
    Yes. Ride On St. Louis relies on fundraising as a main contributing revenue. There is always a need for additional hands to assist events and projects. Please check out our events page for details on upcoming events.
  • How can I help?
    We’re glad you asked! There are many ways you can be a part of this needed community project. Financial support by ways of major gift donations or planned giving in wills/bequests are meaningful ways to support your legacy, as well as the legacy of Ride On St. Louis. Purchasing materials and items in our soon to debut "Forever Home Gift Shop" will make giving accessible and fun. You will be able to browse our shop wish list and help build a stall, fencing section, therapy component or other essential elements. Donors may be recognized and acknowledged on a donor plaque on display in our new Forever Home. Volunteers fuel our program and play a big role in many project tasks of this move. Check out our volunteer page for more information on upcoming events and needs. Help us enlarge our Crusader Circle. Becoming a part of the Crusader's Circle allows you to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustaining commitment to provide quality of life improvements for those in need. You'll receive updates from the field we don't share with anyone else, as well as surprise gifts, photos & videos of the people and communities you've impacted and more! Spread the word! Share with others this exciting news and invite them to get behind our mission. Through the mercy and goodness of our God, and for His glory, we exist to serve. An abundance of prayer, good vibes and happy thoughts are always appreciated and welcome. For more ways you can get involved check out our Get Involved resource page.
  • What is your project time-line?
    The project will consist of a series of phases TBS.
  • How can I contact you?
    You can mail us at PO Box 94, Kimmswick, MO 63053; call us at 636-464-3408; or email us at Make sure you are subscirbed to our monthly newsletters and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to recieve all the latest updates, straight from the horse's mouth.

We work passionately and with fiscal judiciousness to provide substantial quality care to each person, and we are incredibly thankful for your help in making these outcomes possible.

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