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The Ride On St. Louis Barn Buddies program is a unique skills, equine-assisted learning program providing in-depth equine education, hands-on application and accountability for people with disabilities, health-related obstacles or hardships. The program focuses on vocational skills inherent to the equine industry and includes study and performance in husbandry, handling, grooming, sanitation management, first aid, record keeping and team management skills. The goal of the program is to address, relate and achieve personal goals relevant to skill development, accident/injury recovery and coping, and/or emotional, cognitive, physical or behavioral improvements while producing confident individuals knowledgeable in equine care who can independently complete daily equine feed and sanitation requirements at Ride On St. Louis. Qualified applicants are interested in learning about stable and equine management in a positive and professional environment. (Typical applicants are those who have or have had professional job experience and are struggling to return to that job or meet current job demands; those who are developing or regaining vocational skills; those who can perform barn chores unattended; and those who are generally able to drive themselves to the site.)

Ride On St. Louis Barn Buddies
Ride On St. Louis Barn Buddies Clean
Ride On St. Louis Barn Buddies
Ride On St. Louis Volunteer Training
Ride On St. Louis volunteer
Dental Exam at Ride On St
Hay Shipment
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