Equine Team

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Ride On St. Louis Therapy Horse Diego

Quarter X Paso Fino | The Jokester

Mr. Personality. Diego is playful, curious and highly intelligent. Diego is the kind of horse who always wants to have a conversation with you and he is constantly thinking about something. When working with the right people, Diego can focus his mind and energy quite well. Although he is very aware of his surroundings he is not phased by outside influences or distractions. The children Diego works with benefit from his swingy, side-to-side movement, which is paired expertly with his client's needs and abilities. Make sure you lock the gates correctly, Diego has been known to open doors and locks.

Ride On St. Louis Therapy Horse April

Haflinger | The Powerhouse

April is a strong mare both mentally and physically. She may test you at times, but is willing and happy to work as a team. She is learning her new job as a therapy horse very quickly and is wise for her age. She is social with her herd mates and will share a pile of hay with just about anyone. Her strong attitude is infectious and often influences her herd mates. April has allowed Ride On St. Louis to increase our adult clients and challenge our younger clients with advanced/alternative positions (tall kneeling, hands and knees, etc.) April's inclusion in the program was made possible by a grant from the Jefferson Foundation.

Ride On St. Louis Therapy Horse Amiga

Retired ------

Welsh Pony | The Enforcer

Amiga is enjoying her retirement in our Always Home program. Amiga once offered the most gentle and subtle movement, and because of her size, had often worked with the tiniest of clients. Amiga was also our go-to pony for training new horse leaders who were developing their skills, and was the perfect pocket pony when working with clients in Unmounted Activites. Although she is mild mannered with her humans, she is a dominant horse within the herd, often influencing horses double her size. We are so thankful to see her enjoying retirement in our Always Home program!

Ride On St. Louis Therapy Horse Zen

Dutch Warmblood | The Exuberant

Inquisitive and cautious, Zen is definitely a “people” horse and loves to investigate new clients, volunteers and visitors. He often comes over to the fence line to check out new faces. Although he is interested in humans he excels when working closely with a limited number of people. Zen is learning to “target” certain objects to increase his confidence, exercise his brain and acquaint himself with new objects/toys/tools. Zen relies on his trainers for guidance and is an athletic horse, flourishing with his dressage training.

Ride On St. Louis Therapy Horse Style

Retired ------

Arabian | The Sincere

Kind, brave, with an impressive pedigree (including his father Ultimate Star owned and bred by Wayne Newton), Style is an athletic horse with great stamina and endurance. Now enjoying retirement, this observant horse thrived while working with a limited number of people and offered the greatest amount of movement to his clients. He is versatile, curious and very intelligent. In the lower rankings of the herd dynamics, he doesn’t challenge his herd mates, is very mild-mannered, and often chooses to spend his time alone. Style enjoys liberty play and learning new behaviors like "fetch" and the Spanish walk. We are so thankful to see Style enjoying his retirement in our Always Home program!

Ghost 2019.jpg

Gypsy Horse | The Stormless

As a young horse in our training program, Ghost, continues to impress us with his disposition. He is naturally calm and curious, and likes to investigate new surroundings with confidence and intelligence. Although Ghost already shows many desirable traits for a career in equine assisted services, this young mind has much to learn in the coming years as he prepares physically and mentally to serve clients. We are looking forward to working with Ghost as he matures, and are excited to provide him with the foundation needed to enjoy a long, happy life helping people with disabilities. Ghost’s inclusion to our herd was made possible through LexLin Gypsy Ranch, Gypsy Gift Program.