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Employee Programs Make a Difference! Can Yours?

People, no matter their age, rank, or experience, enjoy working for companies where charitable giving and volunteering are supported. Through various employer supports like charitable giving matches, employee requested grants, and volunteer outings, most employees can improve the world around them through opportunities to support the community via time, talent, and money.

Nicholas Stark took advantage of the QCARES Program offered through Quidel, to support Ride On St. Louis programs that past quarter with a $1,500 grant investment from the company. The investment helps underwrite no-cost programming at Ride On St. Louis, which serves children and adults with mild to medically complex health challenges.

Quidel supports many worthwhile charities through their employee programs that recognize the passion and priorities of our employees through Matching Gifts and our Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP). Through these programs, non-profit organizations may receive a corporate match or a gift when employees document the gifts, time, and talent they are contributing to a qualifying 501(c)(3) organization. In addition, our employee giving committees consider proposals presented by their colleagues and make grants on a quarterly basis.

Does your employer offer charitable matches or support? Check with them today to see how you and your employer can make a difference for your favorite nonprofits!

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