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Forever Home Update: Parcels Narrowed

Over the last several months, Ride On St. Louis has reviewed and refined selection of 35 properties that may meet vision and operation requirements, and have analyzed quantifiable data through weighted rankings of 20 desired attributes including: geographical location, distance, price, peacefulness, ease of access, total acreage, cleared land/grazing acreage, utility requirements, property owner flexibility, state of existing structures if applicable, construction logistics and requirements, fencing needs, non-program revenue potential, acquisition options, zoning requirements, and property maintenance.

(The above photos, in no particular order, depict aspects of several different parcels in consideration.) Select property owners have shown interest in workable contracts involving lease, lease-to-purchase, and donation options. For their in-kind service and reduced rates Ride On St. Louis thanks the legal teams at Lathrop Gage LLP (a viable resource for navigating details of atypical contracts) and private architects who have engineered office, therapy, conference and reception room blueprints. Multiple layout options have been mapped with respect to each diverse location.

Ride On St. Louis Board of Directors and organization leaders are confident in the development our new Forever Home, which will provide sustainable, optimal and efficient therapy, learning and health community opportunities. This multi-phase relocation project positions Ride On St. Louis to continue as the community organization that St. Louis and surrounding neighbors can count on for increased health and well-being.

Further announcements detailing property location, full program resumption and construction timelines are pending full contract execution. Well-informed, accurate choices will ensure the project’s success.

We are pursuing our new Forever Home with you in mind and appreciate all your love, enthusiasm and support as we strive to enhance our center and services. We look forward to getting back to serving you, your loved ones, and the community with fully resumed and expanded programming as soon as is possible.

Looking for ways you can get involved in our relocation? Even the smallest acts have a big impact. Become a part of the Crusader’s Circle and join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making sustaining gifts. Monthly giving starts at just $20. You’ll receive updates from the field, as well as surprise gifts, photos and videos of the people and communities you’ve impacted. Visit to make a monthly impact.

Something as simple as just spreading the word is also a huge help. Share with others this exciting news and invite them to get behind our mission and unique events.

Lastly, through the mercy and goodness of our God, and for His glory, we exist to serve. An abundance of prayer, good vibes and happy thoughts are always appreciated and welcome. For updates on our progress please check, sign up to receive our monthly electronic newsletter, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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