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Therapy Horses Travel for Special Camp

Ride On St. Louis will participate with a special collaboration with the Disabled Athletes Sports Association (DASA). In a one day event held during DASA’s Camp WeCanDu summer program, Ride On St. Louis will haul three of their specially trained therapy horses to the camp location in Babler Park on Thursday, June 22nd. Campers with disabilities will get to experience a unique opportunity to ride a therapy horse. Approximately 63 youth from DASA will be in attendance during June 18-23 camp. This will be the fourth year in a row that Ride On St. Louis has been invited to participate in this event. A select number of Ride On St. Louis staff and volunteers will manage the therapy horses and assist the campers in the equine-assisted activity.

“We are a community orientated organization, so these opportunities to share our services with the DASA campers is one we look forward to each year” says Marita Wassman, Ride On St. Louis Program Director. “The camp brings children of all physical abilities together and for many campers it will be their first experience on horseback.” Ride On St. Louis therapy horses train from 1-3 years or more before they fully acclimate and are prepared for their delicate role as therapy horses. The training process in ongoing to ensure mental and physical health of Ride On St. Louis’s therapy herd as each horse receives 1 to 8 hours of training and/or conditioning each week (depending on experience).

Ride On St. Louis is a comprehensive therapy, conditioning and learning non-profit organization serving adults and children with diagnosed disabilities. The organization was founded in 1998 and focuses on programs including equine-assisted activities and therapies. Adopt-a-therapy-horse packages are available to help cover the cost for training and care.

To learn more about Ride On St. Louis or to schedule an interview please contact BriAnn Wassman at 636-464-3408

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