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Unmounted Activities Program Expands

In 2016 Ride On St. Louis launched pilot program Unmounted Activities to provide a refreshing, healing and rewarding experience for people who are non-ambulatory. Last year's four week program was a huge success as both clients and caregivers requested additional services. This fall we are pleased have to doubled the program by serving 45 adults who are non-ambulatory through this expanded support! The program was made possible through a grant from the Centene Charitable Foundation, to whom Ride On St. Louis and our clients are extremely grateful.

Ride On St. Louis Equine-Assisted Unmounted Activities

Each week six adults, residents of Pony Bird group home, join us at Ride On St. Louis for a variety of equestrian activities and horsemanship learning opportunities. Unmounted Activities are designed to transfer benefits and skills learned at Ride On St. Louis to the activities of daily life and increase each individual's quality of life. Lesson plans incorporate equine skills, education and interaction. Through a holistic approach the Unmounted Activities program pursues the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and/or spiritual developments and achievements of our clients. Outcomes include increased sensory registration, engagement, social skills and anxiety reduction among other areas. This service provides a refreshing atmosphere alleviating boredom and revitalizing the mind and body.

Pony Bird provides 24-hour care for children and adults who are non-ambulatory and have physical and intellectual disabilities. These individuals are unable to meet their daily living needs without assistance. Pony Bird’s six residential homes are located in Mapaville and DeSoto, Missouri.

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