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Ride On, Katlyn!

"Katlyn has been attending Ride On St. Louis for many years now. She has autism and is non-verbal, is hypotonic and has a seizure disorder. We have watched her transform from someone who could not sit straight in the saddle, [leaned off balance to the left or right] and didn't want anyone to touch her feet, to someone who is now able to get in two-point (a riding position where the rider's bottom is slightly raised out of the saddle) and trot with confidence. She enjoys trotting so much that she is learning to independently sign 'faster' to let everyone know that she wants to trot.

Ride On St. Louis therapeutic riding client feeds her horse

"She looks forward to her time at Ride On St. Louis each week. She likes it so well she will get her helmet and bring it to us during the off season. Going to Ride On St. Louis has been very beneficial to Katlyn. It provides her with great proprioceptive input, strengthens her trunk and has improved her communication skills. School has reported that on the mornings she attends, she is much more focused and shows less unwanted behaviors. They have also noticed improvement in her gait; she walks straighter and requires less assistance to get from one area in the school to another.

Ride On St. Louis euqine-assisted activities and therapies client and team

"Katlyn has worked with a variety of horses with different gaits and personalities and each one has been beneficial to her in some way. It is a beautiful thing to see her connection with the horses.

We are grateful for all of the staff and volunteers at Ride On St Louis that make this opportunity possible for our daughter."

-Barb & Ken Rapp


Please consider joining the Crusader's Circle, a monthly giving club at Ride On St. Louis, dedicated to making quality of life improvements to people like Katlyn. Every penny of your monthly gift of $20 or more, will help change a life each and every month.

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