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Barn Buddies Powered by Petco Love

Ride On St. Louis is set to receive a $1,000 grant investment from national nonprofit Petco Love in support of their lifesaving work for horses who assist people in need. The grant will directly support clients in the Barn Buddies program. The program focuses on building vocational skills inherent to the equine industry with the goal to integrate those learned skills to situations in personal and professional lives. The program addresses, relate and achieves goals relevant to skill development, accident/injury recovery and coping, and or wellness, utilizing the equine environment and equine interaction.

Our Barn Buddies program operates 7 days a week in all seasons and weather; and is always evolving to meet the changes needs of each of our participants. Whether it is helping to develop professional skills, to cope with health struggles, or provide respite from the challenges of daily life, bettering the lives of Barn Buddies is the program's priority.

This no-cost program is entirely supported through individual donations, fundraising efforts of Ride On St. Louis, and foundation grant investments. This is why Petco Love's support is vital. Barn Buddies are never asked to pay a penny for service, and service is only possible through the kindness of others. The $1,000 investment from Petco Love will directly benefit our 2024 Barn Buddies by providing 50 no-cost program hours for Barn Buddies with cancer, depression, traumatic brain injury, stroke, and suicidal thoughts as they strive to improve their health and wellbeing.

The investment is part of more than $1M in grants recently announced by Petco Love for 60+ service, therapy, and working animal organizations that take pets from shelters and transform them into heroes. “Petco Love knows the bond between people and pets is life changing, and trained service and companion [animals] can make all the difference,” said Petco Love President Susanne Kogut. “We are honored to support these organizations in our Helping Heroes initiative.”


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