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Be a Hero on Give STL Day

Thank you to all those who have become a hero today by supporting the work of Ride On St. Louis on Give STL Day! There's still time to make a huge impact on a child, adult or veteran living with a disability. Every gift regardless of the amount goes towards changing a life.

"August 2004 was where my journey began with Ride On St. Louis and a horse named Beau. My then-16-year-old sister (I was 10 at the time) was tragically killed in a car wreck. Shortly after, I came to Ride On St. Louis and met Marita Wassman, a wonderful Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor who helped me heal a broken heart. Beau helped, too. His gentle nature, calmness and love slowly began to heal my wounds." It's been 14 years since Kayla first came to visit Ride On St. Louis. Each year, Kayla still visits and continues her journey with us as she grows in strength, love and joy.

Please make a gift today, Give STL Day, to help change a life, and ensure that these proven services remain a part of your community!

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