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82 Served at Camp Collaboration

Ride On St. Louis was thrilled to participate in a special collaboration with the Disabled Athletes Sports Association (DASA) this past week. The Disabled Athlete Sports Association provides therapeutic, adaptive sport and fitness opportunities. Their Camp Wecandu offers an opportunity for youth with physical disabilities to fully participate in a week-long, traditional summer camp experience. In a one day event held during DASA’s Camp Wecandu summer program, Ride On St. Louis hauled three of our specially trained therapy horses to the camp location in Babler Park. Campers with disabilities were able to experience a unique opportunity to ride a therapy horse. Approximately 82 youth participated in this special opportunity. Ride On St. Louis staff, along with several trained volunteers helped facilitate the activity.

“We are a community orientated organization, so these opportunities to share our services with the DASA campers is one we look forward to each year” says Marita Wassman, Ride On St. Louis Program Director. This was the fifth year Ride On St. Louis has been participating at the DASA camp, and the largest turn out to date. “The camp brings children of all abilities together and for many campers it was their first experience on horseback.” Ride On St. Louis therapy horses train three years or more before they fully acclimate and are prepared for their delicate role as a therapy horse. The training process in ongoing to ensure mental and physical health of our therapy herd as each horse receives one to four hours of training and/or conditioning each week (depending on experience and needs). Equine health directly translate to the quality and effectiveness of our clients' services and benefits.

Thank you to all our staff and volunteers who helped make the day a success! Special thanks to Brian F., Debbie H. PT, Jeanne J., Elaine K., Josh K., Joseph L., Katie L., Kathleen Mc., Olivia O., BriAnn S., Karen S., Ken S., Kevin and Barb S., Sue S., Sue W., Ron P. and Marita W. Adv. PATH TRI.

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