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Sensational Summer Camp

Ride On St. Louis hosted our 20th summer camp this July for both able-bodied children and children and with disabilities. Help from 20 volunteers, 6 horses and grant support from Enterprise Holding Foundation made 100 hours of equine-assisted activities possible during this camp experience. For many of the campers this has been their 2nd and even 4th time at our camp.

Each camper practiced new skills during camp that provides a foundation for correct riding. "While it may be easy to be a passenger, it takes years of training to not only become a rider, but become a rider who truly understands how to use your legs, hands, seat and energy to communicate effectively and symbiotically with the horse," says Marita Wassman, who designs a unique camp curriculum each year. "Campers not only learn about riding and working with the horse, but also learn about feed, hoof health, daily chores, anatomy, horse behaviors and characteristics. At the end of camp, friends and family of the campers are invited to attend a horse show that demonstrates the skills each camper has been working on. "The campers are so excited to show off what they've learned and it's such a joy to see their improvements and their love of horses blossom."

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