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First Steps, Increased Happiness and Other Success

Hooray for a fantastic fall session! Community volunteers, supporters like you, and a herd of phenomenal horses helped provide 309 hours of service over a 10 week session. We are so thankful for all our friends who have helped change lives this fall. A new client, just three years old, had a fantastic response to his equine-assisted physical therapy. This little guy, who is nonverbal, gained the strength to pull himself into a standing position and take his very first steps while holding hands. Another client who had a vocabulary of several words is now speaking with some sentences and has greatly improved her handwriting. A young lady has learned more patience and communication, advanced her reading level and is happier each day. These are just some brief successes. Please know that your prayers, financial assistance and volunteer efforts are invaluable to the families and all of us at Ride On St. Louis. Thank you for sharing an interest in helping us help others!

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