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Rotarians Invest in Ride On St. Louis

On October 4th, Rotary Club Chapter 11 presented Ride On St. Louis with a portion of the proceeds raised at their annual Charity Golf Scramble, held earlier this year in May at the Norman K. Probstein Golf Course at Forest Park. Ride On St. Louis was the main beneficiary of the event. The rotarian's gift will support programs for children and adults with disabilities who partake in equine-assisted activities and therapies at Ride On St. Louis. The presentation's speaker was Brryan Jackson, who at was eleven months old was injected with HIV-tainted blood by his father. Brryan’s declining health stumped doctors until he was diagnosed, at age five, with AIDS. Physicians offered Brryan’s family no hope, giving him less than five months to live. Brryan defied all odds and has been sharing his story across the globe.

"Rotary's support provides us with such needed resources to help people improve their quality of life. It truly makes such a large impact and has allowed our organization to grow by 144% over the years we have been a beneficiary of Rotary's kindness. We have witnessed miracles at Ride On St. Louis and have been blessed by the generosity of our supporters—supporters like Rotary Club 11", states Marita Wassman, Program Director of Ride On St. Louis.

For over 100 years, Rotary Club 11 has been actively involved in supporting a variety of community service organizations in the greater St. Louis region. The mission of the Rotary Club of St. Louis is to create a network of community and business people to accomplish the common goal of making a difference in the greater St. Louis region and the world, by contributing their time, talent and financial resources. For more information about Rotary Club 11 or to become a member please visit or email Thank you Rotary Club 11 for all your work within our community and for your support of Ride On St. Louis and those we serve.

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