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Grand Meadows Sponsors Equine Health

At Ride On St. Louis, our horses are valued partners in a relationship. Their personal fulfillment, comfort and care are always a priority. By providing quality care our horses benefit from physical and mental health and maintenance that support the special work they perform. Without the health, willingness and reliability of our horses, the fantastic health achievements of those we serve would not be possible!

Grand Meadows Sponsors Ride On St. Louis

Caring for our herd requires many talents and resources including (but not limited to): dental, chiropractic, farrier, and veterinarian services, perpetual training and conditioning, skilled caretakers, professional management, and quality feed and supplements. We are ever thankful to the volunteers, donors, grantors, adopters, and professionals who make it happen through financial contributions, discounts and sponsorships!

We are pleased to recognize Grand Meadows as a partner in the health care of our herd. Their recent donation of supplements are vital to the health and maintenance of our herd, especially through the winter months, as they provide advanced support for digestion, immune system, hoof health, skin, coat and joint health (in our maturing horses). Thank you Grand Meadows for helping our horses stay healthy and fit in their roles as therapy horses!

Want to sponsor a horse? Meet our available horses here.

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