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Crystal City Grace Presbyterian Church

Crystal City Grace Presbyterian Church, Lillian Manning, Marita Wassman and Rev. Josh Noah

Thank you to Lillian Manning who chose Ride On St. Louis as the recipient of the December 16th Grace Presbyterian community support day. Lillian was introduced to Ride On St. Louis by her brother Brent, who requested that for his 60th birthday his friends and family should to give to a charity in lieu of gifts. Lillian said "my heart went out to the Ride On St. Louis program." When the time of her church Grace Presbyterian's Annual Advent Christmas Mission project was drawing near she suggested Ride On St. Louis. The project's committee unanimously chose to assist Ride On St. Louis. Lillian has also volunteered with Pony Bird, a collaborative partner with Ride On St. Louis, and whose residents participate at no cost in Ride On St. Louis's Unmounted Activities program. We are delighted to make new friends and honored to be chosen as a recipient for the 2018 Advent project of Crystal City's Grace Presbyterian Church.

Grace Presbyterian Church welcomes all people to experience God's grace by worshiping, sharing, and serving together. For more information about Grace Presbyterian Church and upcoming events during this Epiphany Season please visit their website at

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