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Relocation Update

Thank you to everyone who is keeping Ride On St. Louis in your prayers during this pivotal transition phase. If you have been watching the recent news on Mississippi River stages, you may have heard it is predicted to crest next week around 34 to 35 feet, which would have placed the water well across our small turnout (called the J/O), into the cubby stall, lapping up to the barn and what was Cruz's end stall, and seeping into the indoor arena. We are thankful for our December exit and pray for all those who are affected by the rising waters.

Our staff has been busier than ever in multiple aspects of our move that involves several state departments, local government agencies, neighborhood communities, marketing and consulting firms, and funding strategies. We are excited with the progress being made at all levels and are looking forward to all these essential elements coming together. During this transitional time our staff and dedicated volunteers, continue caring for our horses, up to three times daily. The horses are housed at the same breeding farm in Milstadt, Illinois that opened their doors to us each time we evacuated from the floods. Although the farm offers stalls and some pasture for our horses, the farm does not have an arena (indoor or outdoor) or level fenced-in area suitable for training, conditioning or mounted activities and therapies. However we are so happy to be providing limited Unmounted Activities and Horsemanship Training involving children and adults who have diagnoses of physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities. We are scheduled to serve 80 children with mild to severe disabilities with our collaborative partner the Disabled Athletes Sports Association at their 2019 Camp WeCanDu. And we have scheduled interactive educational presentations for 400 students at area elementary schools for Abilities Awareness Day. Our 12th Annual Nag's Head Trivia planning is tossed into the mix, too!

It is a challenging situation, but we have waded through much worse and have many wonderful friends helping us during this time. All of our office and farm physical assets of 20 years are being stored at no charge to Ride On St. Louis-- even our large items (most of which granted by foundations and donors) such as: fencing, automatic waterers, lawn equipment, wheelchair accessible mounting decks, specially engineered dust-free arena footing (especially beneficial for our clients with fragile respiratory systems), Polaris EV, and horse trailer. The items are stored and ready to install at the new location! Our office items, large and small, are set up at a volunteer's home where staff have group meetings.

The flood predictions for this spring continue to look threatening and we are relieved to be working on a positive project rather than responding to another disaster for what could be the fifth time. Not having to fear the emotional stress, physical fatigue, financial loss, health threat to our horses and cats, and most of all the unscheduled interruption of core client services for months at a time is something we are very thankful for. Our forever home is being crafted with our clients, community and horses in mind, and we appreciate everyone's assistance, kindness and understanding as we work to improve our organization and offerings. Please continue your prayers! During this time you may continue to contact us at 636-464-3408, or PO Box 94, Kimmswick, MO 63053.

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