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*New* Program, Barn Buddies

Ride On St. Louis Barn Buddies Program, Give STL Day

It's official! Our Barn Buddies program, which began development in 2017 and was followed by a small pilot program, is now a new support offer with Ride On St. Louis. The program is one of seven unique services focusing on achieving specific health and wellness outcomes. The Barn Buddies program is a skills program providing in-depth equine education, hands-on application and accountability for people with disabilities, health-related obstacles or hardships. The program is entirely underwritten by grants, fundraising and work-study opportunities making it no-cost for our program participants. This Give STL Day on Wednesday, May 1st, all proceeds will benefit clients of Barn Buddies. We are excited to share more about this program and highlight some of its participants on Give STL Day. Stay tuned to see how we are making a difference together with your support!

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