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Deana Shares her Barn Buddies Story

A brain tumor and series of strokes changed Deana's life.

At Ride On St. Louis, through our new Barn Buddies program, we are working on changing Deana's life for the better. Please consider a gift on Give STL Day, May 1st 2019, to help make a real difference.

Pledge your gift at

"[The brain tumor and strokes] caused severe damage to the left side of my brain with memory, focal issues, aphasia, and left severe damage to my right foot... Ride On St. Louis has made me not only physically, but [also] emotionally better than I have been in the last six years [since my injuries]. And I am so grateful, so very very grateful."

Today, when you choose to give to Ride On St. Louis, you make a lasting impression on Deana's life and others impacted by the Barn Buddies program.


No matter the size, your Give STL Day donation can have an even greater impact when you donate during specific time frames. Boost your gift during Power Hours at 6am, 9am, 12pm, 6pm or 10pm!

Additionally donors have chances to win prizes through the day.

  • The person who makes the first donation of the day and the person that makes the last donation of the day will receive a ticket prize.

  • Each hour, ticket prize winners will be drawn randomly from all donors who made a contribution to any nonprofit on Give STL Day during the previous hour.

  • Tickets may be for the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues or the St. Louis Surge Women’s Professional Basketball games.

  • A donor can only win one prize in the 24 hour period.

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