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20k Matching Gift Challenge Exceeded

This past December a generous supporter challenged our supporters to a $20,000 match challenge! During the month of December, for every dollar donated an equal dollar up to 20k was donated by our matcher. We are so excited to share that we can jump firmly in 2022, our 24th year of service, as our challenge goal of $20k was surpassed! The total amount donated was $27,436... Plus the $20,000 match means that the grand total of $47,436.35 will help us continue to be a service our community can count on for exceptional equine-assisted improvements.

Thank you to everyone who shared our message, said a prayer for our special intentions, or supported us financially this year and especially during the match. We don't take your support for granted, so thank you for choosing to help keep us in the community, making a difference for U.S. Veterans, children and adults with health challenges, youth and our retired and working program horses.

Since 1998, you've helped us improve the life of each person—as young as two years old to people in their 90s—who has come through our barn doors. As we close out the year and look to 2022, we're celebrating 2,186 lives that have made life changing improvements through equine-assisted services at Ride On St. Louis.

For three years now, 100% of our programs have been free-care. That means, because of the kindness of our donors and foundations, our recent clients haven’t had to worry about paying a penny to receive care. Over one hundred potential participants, mostly children, await enrollment on our wait list. It is our dream to serve each and every child and adult who seeks our therapeutic services. This is why Ride On St. Louis leads the industry in quality and excellence, and why we need your continued support. So we can continue to be a valuable asset to our community and loved ones.

Thank you to our Match Donors and many blessings in 2022!

7 Anonymous Donors

Jamie Adams

Vicki & Bob Amelung

John E & Angie D Arcipowski

Lori & Michael Barnes

Dr. Jerome V Basinski

John & Patti Beckman

Mary Belcher

Mary G Bibee

Brittany Bloom-Gegg

Ross Braun

Teresa Braunseis

Jan Bresnan

Thomas Brickey

Mary Lou Bulte

Margaret Burtnett

Mary Ann Busse

Mark & Joy Bussen

Cadagin & Cain, PC

Gwenllian Clopton

Kathleen Crabdree

Martha M Diekemper

David A & Patricia M Doenges

Diane M & Gary R Dyhouse

Lonnie Folks

Brian M & Susan M Foster

Steven & Lynn Glauber

Timothy J & Margaret Mary Haber

Marianne Haberstroh

Ronald J & Laura A Herman Jr

Rene' M Kimsey

Constance J Koudela

Marjorie H Kreuzman

Michael A Kriegshauser

James & Sara J Kunitz

Thomas W Lagermann

Donna J & Patrick T Larson

Lillian Y Manning

Thomas D & Pamela J Merker

David F & Mary Linda Mihanovich

Carolyn C Moll

Moneta Group

Gary E & Cindy Morgan

Kimberly B & Steven R Mumm

James P & Jill C O'Shea

Glenn A & Kay C Pauly

Henry & Mary Louise Rodriguez

Gene & Janice Rusert

Joseph A Rusnack

Maureen & Reinier Russel-Coughlin

Richard C or Kathleen D Sartori

Sheryl G & Michael T Schmidt

Raymond C & Ana G Schulz

Joyce S & Peter G Seale

Lawrence C Stone

David A & Beth A Vordtreide

Kenneth B & Nancy K Weis

Anthony West

Tom & Kay Wisniewski

Donald J or Beverly F Winkler Zagari


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