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"Hearts & Hooves United" THIS GIVING TUESDAY

This community needs Ride On St. Louis and Ride On St. Louis needs you!

We have only been able to operate for these 26 years, serving 2,567 families, because of God’s grace and your willingness to be generous to children and adults in need. Thank you, truly and genuinely, for opening your hearts and making a difference!

For five years, our clients haven’t had to pay a penny to receive the life-changing opportunities that come from our horses.

To continue offering this rare gift to people encountering obstacles to wellbeing, we need your help to reach $50,000 before Dec. 31st.

Starting on #GivingTuesday this November 28th, our Hearts & Hooves United year-end appeal kicks off to raise funds to cover a portion of our program costs. We are hopeful for what the future holds and ask you to prayerfully consider supporting Ride On St. Louis this giving season and on November 28th, so that we may continue changing lives!

What you can do to help.

Please set a reminder to give on November 28th! We'll be sending out reminders, too, with more information, success stories and ways to spread the message to friends and family.

With hearts and hooves united, together we can stride towards strength. Thank you for helping us help others!

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