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Congratulations New Volunteers

Congratulations and Welcome New Program Volunteers

Congratulations to Anna, David, Diane, Jean, Katie, Lindsay, Maria, and Peggy on completing Unmounted Volunteer training, and welcome to our Ride On St. Louis family! Volunteers provide so much throughout many areas of the organization, and their help lets us keep costs low or non-existent for children and adults with health challenges. Volunteer work is incredibly important to us and to those we serve. Thank you! We are looking forward to having fun, healthful and meaningful moments together in the coming months. In 25 years of service, these amazing outcomes are the reason why we work tirelessly to serve others. (Our 25th Anniversary Gallery contains moments from over 2,500+ people served with the help of thousands of volunteers. You won't want to miss it; I encourage you to check it out along with our social pages!) Thank you volunteers (new and existing) for choosing to support Ride On St. Louis's mission. You are instrumental in providing many wonderful moments for those we serve. - Marita

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