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Don't Say Neigh This Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, Style and Amiga retired, it's true! Over the last years, Style and Amiga have transitioned from mounted service to unmounted service, and now to full retirement. In their mid to late 20's, Amiga and Style are equivalent to about 80 year old humans. Just like many elderly persons, horses can develop health issues, too, like: arthritis, metabolic disorders, dental issues or just the body’s inability to utilize nutrients or regenerate cells as efficiently as when the horse was younger.

One of our greatest senior needs is dental care. Did you know that equine teeth continually erupt from the jaw to compensate for normal wear? As time passes, eventually, the senior horse starts to completely wear out their teeth. Common ailments include lost teeth, infection, and inability to chew from changes in shape.

In order to keep Amiga and Style's oral health at their best, it takes a team including a veterinarian, dentist and several assistants to help our horses with exams and minor procedures like teeth exactions. And these costs add up, especially as senior horses require more frequent exams.

You can be a Valentine to Amiga and Style and ensure they can continue to chomp on apple and carrot treats with a symbolic adoption. Your adoption will assist in providing dental care and nutrition, as well as visits from the farrier and vet. If you are an animal lover you may know how expensive basic care can be. For just $25 a month (.83 cents a day) please show your love in their retirement as a thank you for all the life-changing moments they have given to so many children over the years. Every gift truly makes an impact on their welfare. To get involved and become an adopter, check out


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