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Give STL Day Feature, Video Horsecare Tour

We Can All Do So Much More Together Than We Ever Can Alone

You matter to Ride On St. Louis. Whether you've known us since the beginning 22 years ago or you're thinking about getting involved today, because of our friends like you we can do great things for humans (and horses).

Even though our group activities, including our biggest fundraiser Nag's Head Trivia, have been postponed due to the current situation, our horses still rely on us every day, twice a day to make sure their needs are met. Horses are expensive to care for. They require a great deal of knowledge, time and skill to ensure they are living happy, healthy and fulfilling lives and are able to help many people find love, healing and peace.

Every penny counts. Coming up we have a $700 expense for hay, a $500 expense for grain, and a $280 farrier expense. This is a just a portion of upcoming horse care costs that will only last for two months of care. Our horses, Amiga, April, Cruz, Diego, Ghost, Style and Zen are asking for your help this Give STL Day now through May 7th. If you're able, please send a gift of any size today. If you're unable to give, please say a special prayer for Ride On St. Louis. Thank you for helping in any way you can!

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