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Hey, Hay Team! Volunteers Load, Haul and Loft Season's Hay

How many pounds of forage (grass and hay) do our horses eat in a day? Depending on the season and caloric needs, our herd of six can consume anywhere between 86lb and 171lb of forage every day! During the grass season, our horses are enjoying more of this fresh vital food source, but still require supplemental hay (dried grasses and legumes) to meet their dietary needs. From young horses to seniors, our diverse herd relies on our expert care to keep them feeling and performing at their best.

Early this spring a group of volunteers and staff made a trip out to our hay supplier in Waterloo, Illinois to load and haul the season's hay shipment. Thank you to our helpers, left to right in the photo: BriAnn Session, Damian Koudela, Marita Wassman, Joseph Lehn, Teresa Hrdlicka, and Kelly Lehn. And an extra, big thank you to Joseph and Kelly Lehn for the use of their truck and flat bed trailer, that allows a safe haul of many more bales of hay.

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