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Loving Every Minute of Retirement with Petco Love's Always Home Investment

Ride On St. Louis announced a $1,000 grant investment from newly named, Petco Love, to support their life-changing work with equine-assisted service horses in Jefferson County, MO.

The Petco Love investment will change lives by ensuring Ride On St. Louis service horses retiring from their career in equine-assisted service, have a safe and secure future as they enter into their senior years.

"Our equine partners are the reason hundreds of people have found happiness, health and healing in life. Without them, our outcomes would not be possible," says BriAnn Session, who is the grant manager and an equine trainer/caretaker at Ride On St. Louis. "We rely on investments from generous supporters like Petco Love who recognize the important relationship between animals and humans, and understand the vast resources needed in providing excellent animal care."

Since 2012, Petco Love has invested more than $16 million to support the lifechanging work of Helping Heroes animals that are trained to become heroes who help us with a special focus on supporting those organizations who train shelter pets to become service, therapy and working animals. This could be service dogs that support our nation’s veterans, search and rescue dogs who help disaster relief efforts, or therapy animals that provide comfort at hospitals or senior living centers.

“Petco Love is proud to support Ride On St. Louis as one of nearly 100 organizations receiving a Helping Heroes grant this year,” said Petco Love President, Susanne Kogut. “Petco Love focuses on supporting organizations that find pets in animal shelters and transform them to become pet heroes who improve the lives of others, highlighting the true potential of shelter pets and the impact they bring to their communities.”

Since 1998, nonprofit Ride On St. Louis has existed to promote health and enrich lives through love, joy and holistic healing. Ride On St. Louis licensed and or credentialed professionals incorporate the movement of the horse, equine environment, and or horse-human interaction as a method to achieve specific health and wellness goals and objectives for veterans, youth and children and adults with mild to medically complex health complications.

For more information about Ride On St. Louis, visit For more on Petco Love, visit


About Ride On St. Louis

Ride On St. Louis is a charitable nonprofit promoting health and enriching lives through love, joy and holistic healing. Since 1998, nearly a quarter of a century, Ride On St. Louis professionals have been incorporating horse-human interaction and environment as a method to facilitate function, independence and integration into society for all people with health challenges. We provide support for vulnerable populations and enhance our community by providing a way for our neighbors to work together for a common good that transforms shared values and hopes into action and outcome. Ride On St. Louis provides community volunteers, advocates, and investors the credible, quality outlet they are seeking to provide children and adults with health challenges the resources they need to live joyful fulfilling lives. Our horses have helped many take first steps, speak first words, discover happiness, inclusion, and independence, and attain many critical quality of life improvements. Without our equine partners, our outcomes would not be possible.

About Petco Love

Petco Love is a nonprofit changing lives by making communities and pet families closer, stronger, and healthier. Since our founding in 1999 as the Petco Foundation, we’ve empowered animal welfare organizations by investing $300 million in adoption and other lifesaving efforts. We’ve helped find loving homes for more than 6.5 million pets in partnership with Petco and organizations nationwide. Today, our love for pets drives us to lead with innovation, creating tools animal lovers need to reunite lost pets, and lead with passion, inspiring and mobilizing communities and our more than 4,000 animal welfare partners to drive lifesaving change alongside us. Is love calling you? Visit or follow at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to be part of the lifesaving work we’re leading every day.

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