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Multi-sensory Stimulation in EAS

Many of our programs incorporate multi-sensory stimulation to achieve different benefits for people depending on their challenges and abilities, current mood, and individual needs.

Stimulation, through sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and movement are evidenced to soothe, stimulate, or release stress and anxiety, depending on their methodology. Sensory stimulation has also been shown to increase cognition and the ability to focus and even communicate.

In our Unmounted Activities with Pony Bird, therapeutic and multi-sensory activities are combined to enhance service and experience. Through curiosity and the stimulating equine environment, participants activate the senses to increase presence and engagement in positive ways. This can relieve boredom or agitation, by challenging sensory processing, encourage communication through exploration, and result in more pleasant days and experiences.

In the photo, Kim (a Ride On St. Louis volunteer and board member) encourages Ellen to hold, shake, and feel a (clean, unused) feed bag--touch, movement, sound and sight. April the horse is also playing with a grain bag. One participant loved this activity so much, that she took the bag home with her! More to share about programs, benefits and activities to come.


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