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Petco Foundation Grants Senior Horse Dental Funding

An investment of $2,000 will extend efforts to help our senior working horses and the people they serve live their best lives. The Petco Foundation investment will help provide dental care to four senior horses at Ride On St. Louis. Equine teeth continually erupt from the jaw to compensate for normal wear. As time passes, eventually, the senior horse starts to completely wear out their teeth. Common ailments include lost teeth, infection, and inability to chew from changes in shape. As older horses often require more frequent dental exams, this investment is a great help to the organization. A portion of the grant award will also provide senior feed. The feed is specially formulated with prebiotics, controlled levels of sugars and starches, and vitamin and mineral fortification in a way that is digestible and supportive for the older horses in the Ride On St. Louis herd.

Ride On St. Louis is one of 4,000 animal welfare partners with the foundation. Investments to welfare partners are made possible through the Petco Foundation’s annual Helping Heroes campaign which takes place each October in Petco locations nationwide to support the life-changing work of service, therapy and working animals. Thank you Petco Foundation for all your support!

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