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Wassman Speaks at Shriners Club

Marita Wassman, Ride On St. Louis Director & Founder

Marita Wassman, PATH C/ATRI, Founder and Director of Ride On St. Louis presented information on equine assisted services to the Moolah Shriners Temple Club. The Temple Club members are committed to serving the community with their volunteer efforts and often make/donate items for Shriners Children Hospital. During the presentation, club members learned about a variety of applications, modalities, and strategies Ride On St. Louis incorporates to produce targeted health outcomes for people with disabilities and challenges.

This speaking event is one of many ways Ride On St. Louis actively engages in providing educational opportunities to the public on topics like equine assisted services around the world, equine care and horsemanship, disability education, and program/center management. Wassman, has nearly 40 years' experience in equine assisted services industry and meets 20 hours of continuing education yearly through application and study with international programs, coaches and mentors. “Sharing information with others about the benefits and science of professional, quality equine assisted services is very rewarding and something I really enjoy,” says Wassman.

Members of the Moolah Shriners Temple Club

Verna Pickles, a member of the Moolah Shriners Temple Club, invited Wassman to speak to the club. Mrs. Pickles was first introduced to Ride On St. Louis at our walk/run events in 2009 and 2010, which were chaired by her niece Pam Hubbs Jensen. Our deepest thanks to this "auntie and niece" duo for their support! Also, at the presentation to the Temple Club, Wassman was delighted to meet Jean, the grandmother of past Ride On St. Louis client Andi Bush. Bush began participating in Ride On St. Louis's Adaptive Riding program with Wassman in 2001 when the center operated at its first location in the Oakville area of St. Louis County, Missouri. Ride On St. Louis deeply appreciates the donation from the Temple Club, opportunity to speak, and experiencing the joy of friendly connections through word of mouth and sharing our mission!


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