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Woman's Best Friend

As we were saying in our last post, Diego is everyone's best friend with his perfect size and personality! Katelyn, first became a client at Ride On St. Louis in 2006 and continues to pursue her passion of horses with us and Diego. "I am a horse girl!" says Katelyn, who describes herself as "horse-crazy." "I have both a visual and hearing impairment and also have cerebral palsy. Being around horses makes me feel like I’m in Heaven. My dream is to have a horse of my own; make a ton of memories with my horse. Horses are my whole life. Horses are the best and the most beautiful creatures in the world; I will never outgrow the 'I love horses' phase."

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We work to keep costs low or nonexistent. Five years ago 73% of our clients benefited from reduced cost or free-care service, and over the last four years 100% of our clients rely on no-cost services at Ride On St. Louis.

Support from friends like you provide us with the resources required to help people in need improve their lives.

We know not everyone can give, but if you're able to contribute even a small gift, please consider supporting our mission during Give STL Day. Early giving is open today. Your support changes lives.


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