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Youth Shares the Hands, Feet and Heart of Jesus

Each year we look forward to welcoming 8th grade students from St. Margaret Mary Alacoque School and Parish to our barn, as they prepare to receive the holy sacrament of Confirmation. Earlier this month, students spent time at Ride On St. Louis volunteering and learning about equine-assisted services.

"Youth involvement in non-profits like Ride On St. Louis is an important part of the development of a young person’s character and skills," says Marita Wassman, Ride On St. Louis CEO. Youth involvement in organization that seek to serve a public good helps to shape young people into responsible, caring adults. "Through our barn activities, youth are able to exercise important skills, such as communication and problem-solving, while also developing their character."

One of the most powerful aspects of youth involvement is the ability to work with and learn from people with different backgrounds and challenges. Exposure to equine-assisted services presents information not only on the benefits of these services and the people within our community who rely on these services, but also leads young people to a greater sense of empathy and respect for all living things.

"Youth have many skills and values to offer. We try to encourage those actions and develop important life skills and passions, which contribute to the service of and praise of God."

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