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Relocation Update

Ride On St. Louis has been working on abounding details of many possible properties for a forever home. We appreciate all the love, kindness and support shown while we are working towards this new home to serve those in the community who need love, strength and joy in their lives. We are reviewing potential properties, but remain open to discussion involving other possibles or arrangements. A minimum of 25 acres along the highway 270/55 corridor has been identified as an ideal location that best supports our client and volunteer demographics, and allows for our continued partnerships with universities, hospitals and other institutions.

Families and/or property owners may benefit from tax incentives and other advantages of working with Ride On St. Louis, a designated 501(c)3 charitable organization. If you know of friends or family who are property owners, we welcome your phone call to Marita Wassman at 646-464-3408 to open conversation.

As we are sure many of you--our friends, families, volunteers and supporters of Ride On St. Louis--know that Ride On St. Louis exited the Anheuser Estate in December of 2018. We called the estate home for nearly 17 years of our 21 year existence, and it had allowed our programs to increase health and happiness for so many. Although we are fortunate to have exited well before the rising waters of 2019, we know that many are affected by current flooding and need our prayers and support.

In recent years, frequent flooding was disruptive to our services and caused expensive physical damages for Ride On St. Louis. (No FEMA or insurance money was applicable during any flood event.) Each year, with the help of many laborers, neighbors, businesses, and our donors and volunteers, Ride On St. Louis repaired and began again. We fully understand the hardship, stress, workload and all consuming despair the flooding brings.

This is the second time already this year, our previous home on the Anheuser Estate has experienced flooding. For the past several weeks our old home, offices, barn, and arenas/turnouts on the Anheuser Estate, along with many other in the area have been affected by flood water, debris and sludge. The Mississippi River, which is currently at 45.07' is predicted to keep rising over the next few days/weeks to a historic crest of 46'. The photos depict the grounds and space Ride On St. Louis leased during the 2017 flooding at 41'.

Thank you for your love and most of all, your prayers for the continued services provided through Ride On St. Louis. We are looking forward to sharing a new, flood free space with all those in need. Please keep all those affected by flooding and hardships in your prayers.

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