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A Crusade for Good


Ride On St. Louis is named after Saint Louis IX, a Catholic crusader who is also the namesake of the city, St. Louis, Missouri. Everything Saint Louis did was for the glory of God and the good of the people. As an organization that sees the power of prayer and the value of service, they find inspiration in Saint Louis IX who was renowned for his charity, and continue his crusade to help those in need.

The services provided at Ride On St. Louis are designed to reach each person individually and achieve the greatest results – whether that is mentally, emotionally, or physically. They offer a variety of programs, including therapy, adaptive riding, equine services for heroes, sports riding, unmounted activities, summer camps, and barn buddies.

BriAnn from Ride On St. Louis shares, “Ride On St. Louis has the joy and opportunity to witness miracles first hand. Some clients speak their first words on our therapy horses, take their first steps, and make substantial improvements in their first weeks at Ride On St. Louis that surpass years of other activities and/or therapies received."

That was certainly true for Noah (pictured above), one of the patients at Ride On St. Louis. Noah has cerebellar atrophy, which is an extremely rare progressive disease that affects his brain. “After one session he has started walking with a gait-trainer, occasionally speaking short sentences and has started to take interest in climbing,” shares Cassie, Noah’s mother.

Quality and excellence have always been a priority for Ride On St. Louis. This year they celebrate 21 years of miracles and progress. The organization began in 1998, and Ride On St. Louis became the first equine-assisted activities and therapies program to operate in the South County area of St. Louis, Missouri. Since the beginning, they have expanded and grown as an organization and have been able to help hundreds of clients and families.

Brandon’s family was one of many families that has been blessed because of this organization. “It has been a huge success for Brandon. We are so grateful to Ride On St. Louis for providing this opportunity. To give our son the tools it takes to take steps on his own someday,” says Brandson’s mom, Shannon.

Because of this expansion and the flooding along the Mississippi River, Ride On St. Louis will be moving to their Forever Home, a new location that will allow them to better serve those in their community.


Double D Trailer directory of Equine-Assisted Activities and or Therapies services may be found here.

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