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Happy 30th Birthday Amiga!

Celebrating Amiga

We are delighted to celebrate a remarkable milestone for one of our cherished ponies, Amiga, who turns 30 this year! Amiga has been an integral part of Ride On St. Louis, dedicating her life to helping hundreds of children with disabilities improve their health through equine-assisted services. Now retired, Amiga enjoys her days in our Always Home retirement program.

A Legacy of Love and Service

Amiga's gentle nature, shorter stature, and impeccable manners have made her a favorite among participants and staff alike. Over the years, she has played a pivotal role in countless success stories, helping children develop physical strength, improve balance and coordination, and build self-confidence. Her calm and nurturing presence provided comfort and joy to everyone she met, making a lasting impact on the lives of so many.

The Benefits of Retirement Within the Organization

At Ride On St. Louis, we believe that our equine partners deserve the best care throughout their lives, including their retirement years. Our Always Home retirement program ensures that horses like Amiga receive the attention, love, and care they need after their active careers. Here are some key benefits of our retirement program:

  1. Familiar Environment: Retiring within the organization allows our horses to stay in the familiar surroundings they know and love. This minimizes stress and helps them adjust to their new, more relaxed lifestyle.

  2. Consistent Care: Our dedicated staff and volunteers continue to provide the same high level of care, ensuring that our retired horses' health and well-being are always a priority.

  3. Ongoing Interaction: Even in retirement, our horses remain part of the Ride On St. Louis family. They continue to receive visits (and treats) from participants, volunteers, and staff, who have been a significant part of their lives.

  4. Tailored Activities: While retired horses no longer participate in programs, they still benefit from staff lead enrichment that keep them engaged and healthy. These activities are carefully tailored to their needs and capabilities.

A Well-Deserved Retirement

Our commitment to her retirement reflects our deep gratitude for the countless lives she has touched and transformed. By ensuring she remains comfortable and happy in her senior years, we honor the profound impact she has had on our community.

Happy Birthday, Amiga! Thank you for your unwavering service and the joy you have brought to so many. We hope you will join us in celebrating Amiga and the many wonderful horses who have contributed to our mission. Your support helps us provide the best care for our equine partners, both during their active years and in their well-earned retirement.

Send a Birthday Gift to the Birthday Girl!

best care for our equine partners, both during their active years and in their well-earned retirement.

The German Horse Muffin is Amiga's favorite treat! Not only is tasty, but it's soft and chewy texture is easy for Amiga to gum (as she no longer has any teeth that are able to grind hard foods).

A New Halter would be a wonderful gift for this pretty girl! Amiga's "color" (all her brushes, blankets, and buckets) is pink, which makes he items easily recognizable for volunteers and staff. Additionally, this breakaway halter is a wonderful safety feature.

A Matching Lead Rope will complete the set!

Shoofly Fly Boots are plastic mesh that helps keep biting flies off the legs. The design stops botfly eggs from being laid, too. Not only do the boots prevent annoyance and disease, but they also help reduce stress, leg fatigue, and hoof cracks that result from constant stomping to rid flies. Amiga wears a size small in pink.


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