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Your Give STL Day Donations Are Making a Difference!

Give STL Day earlier this month, was an important day for Ride On St. Louis and many other St. Louis nonprofits. Your support through prayers or financial donations keep our services available and horses healthy. We work to keep costs low or nonexistent, as many participants have expensive, ongoing medical, therapeutic, pharmaceutical, respite and caregiver expenses.

This year, $6,174 was donated to Ride On St. Louis for Give STL Day, which will help cover program expenses for our upcoming summer camp collaboration with Variety for Virtual Teen & Adventure Camp this June. Ride On St. Louis expects to serve 200 children with disabilities through interactive equine components designed to teach skills, support communication, and share exciting adventures with new friends through quality equine activities.

Thank you to the following donors for supporting Ride On St. Louis and this program on Give STL Day:


Virginia C Amelung, Ross Braun, Margaret Burtnett, Nancy Coughlin, Bruce Counce, Msrg. Ernst, The Field Family, Brian Foster, Jane Gillam, Susan Gislason, Sally Goldstein, Mike and Susie Haywood, Pamela Hubbs Jensen, Deana Jungbluth, Ron Landolt, Donna Larson, Shane Mulligan, Andrea Parker, Linda Peterson, Elaine Pontious, Sharon Poole, Cheryl Reh, Gerard Reis, Yvonne Rieger, Maureen Russell, Charleen Sartori, Karen Schrader, Sue Schultz, Jim Shafer, Joe Simpson, Daniel Skrabacz, Kimmel Spurgeon, Judy Thebeau, Peggy and Steve Thompson, Mary Turpin, Annise Wassman, Robert Whetsel, Vanessa Whitworth, Pamela Zell and four anonymous donors!



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