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Dr. Ava Frick Performs Chiropractic Adjustments and Nutrition

Dr. Ava Frick, DVM, CVC, FAIS, a pioneer in the field of animal rehabilitation Dr. Frick earned her veterinary degree in 1980, a certification in Animal Chiropractic in 1997 and a proficiency certification in Herbal Phytotherapy in 2006. Her focus on physiotherapy has spanned almost 20 years and was a pioneer in the field of animal rehabilitation. Dr. Frick is recognized as the world’s leading veterinary authority in the application of micro-current therapy for animals.

Dr. Frick recently visited our herd and has been treating the horses at Ride On St. Louis to support their movement, conformation, musculoskeletal function, neurological activity and  overall health through chiropractic bodywork and nutrition. Horses experiencing altered nerve function and nonalignment may experience problems such as pain, abnormal posture, lameness, overloading of leg joints and muscle strain. Ensuring that our horses receive chiropractic attention decreases canceled programs due to injury/discomfort, increases benefits for clients and participants, prevents damage and veterinarian expense, and provides the care and attention that our special horses deserve to stay fit and comfortable throughout all life stages.

We are thankful for Dr. Frick's expertise and her generosity in donating many products and services throughout the years. Dr. Frick's visits are made possible through the competitive equine welfare grant seeking efforts of Ride On St. Louis.


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