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Memories With Cruz

With the advice of our veterinarian, our equine care team made the decision to say goodbye to our beloved Cruz on Tuesday. Cruz, a handsome chestnut Arabian, shared several years of his life with Ride On St. Louis after retiring from a career as an endurance horse. Everyone who met him was impressed by his impeccable manners and patience. He loved carrots and ear scratches; he helped many volunteers develop confidence and horsemanship skills; and he provided joy, healing and strength to both children and adults in our programs. Cruz was an extraordinary lesson horse, ever accommodating to his therapy clients, and an all-around gentleman. Herd mates respected him and were drawn to his wisdom, vigilance, and composure. He is sorely missed, but we are so grateful to have many wonderful memories of him. He was a part of so many lives and truly was a gift!


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